About BuzaMoto

BuzaMoto is the collaborative technology design studio of Kyle Buza and Takashi Okamoto. As graduates of the MIT Media Lab — studying under Professor John Maeda in the Physical Language Workshop — we specialize in multidisciplinary intersections of visual design and technology powered by the Web.

Kyle Buza

As a software engineer, Kyle Buza brings five years of experience from Sun Microsystems, most recently designing and implementing embedded Java Virtual Machines for mobile phones and PDAs.

He also spends his time developing Max/MSP/Jitter objects for the emulation and virtual manipulation of old school video game systems and their respective sound chips.

He received Bachelor of Art degrees in Chemistry and Biology, and Master of Engineering in Computer Science from Cornell University; in addition to a Master of Science from the MIT Media Lab.

Takashi Okamoto

Takashi Okamoto's illustrations have appeared in magazines and newspapers including: The New York Times, The Walrus, The National Post and Shift Magazine. As a graphic designer, he has worked with studios including 2x4, Stiletto, Village and artists Ben Rubin and Natalie Jeremijenko. His technology based art has been exhibited in Canada, Mexico and Spain.

Prior to forming BuzaMoto, he ran MudCorp; a design studio specializing in graphic design and technology.

Currently he is a designer+programmer at Wieden+Kennedy in Portland, OR.

He received his Honours Bachelor of Science in Astrophysics from the University of Toronto, a Master of Fine Arts in graphic design from Yale University and a Master of Science from the MIT Media Lab.